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Should I advertise my listing address?

We recommend not putting the address on the ad. You can have the address listed online and it will appear on a Google map. Less is more when it comes to marketing your listings. Give them a reason to pick up the phone and call. 

What is the minimum price for the listing that can be advertised?

In San Antonio the listing need to be over $500,000. In Austin the listing need to be over $750,000.​ Exceptions include ranches, lots/land, and condos.

How many photos will be on the website?

4-5 photos per listing will be advertised online.


​Should I list the price of the home?

We recommend advertising the price, but this is not required to create the desire to call for more information. 


Maximum suggested listings per ad?

Spreads - 10 listings maximum  

Full page - 5 listings maximum  

Half page - 2 listings maximum  .

Are non-active listings allowed?


Can I have a co-branded ad?

We do not allow sponsored advertisers such as lenders.

Can I share a page with another agent?

Yes. The submission form allows for an additional agent to be included in the ad. 


How do I know if the photos are high res?

It depends on how big the image will be displayed in the ad, but ideally high res photos are around 300 pixels per inch and no less than 150 pixels per inch. Typically, MLS photos will be too low resolution to be printed large. Contacting the photographer is often recommended to obtain the largest size available.


When will I get a proof of my ad?

Once the listing materials are received, the designer will create your ad and send you a proof within 2 business days.


Why does LHM recommend "www." for your website?

Using the "www." for your website helps, our digital publisher, link your webpage onto your ad.  


Can changes be made to my ad every issue?

You can change properties and photos for each issue. 


What does ‘camera ready’ mean?

If you have your own designer, you can use them to create a custom ad. We recommend using your designer to keep your branding consistent whenever possible. When they make the ad, we call that a ‘camera ready ad’. It’s ready for print. We will still check to make sure the ad meets our specs for printing.

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